Robin Auld

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"A genuine and unaffected flowing together of cultural strands ... and, unlike a lot of singer-songwriters you can, hell you should, play this loud."
Unpeeled UK.

"Sunkissed and generous of melody".
Whisperin'and hollerin' Ireland.

"Meltdown, ambient and sublime".
Tasty UK.

"Damn fine tunes, go buy it."
Iafrica Entertainment, SA.
Slide guitar, harmonica, African folk, blues, calypso and soul vocals all feature in the fresh sound of Zambian- born Robin Auld.

He has released over 20 albums with several radio hits in South Africa, including a number one. He has performed and recorded in London, New York, Nashville, San Francisco, Hamburg and a whole bunch of places inbetween. Having worked with both majors and independents, he now releases albums through his own label, Free Lunch which has recently struck a partnership with Next/Orchard music for the new album.

He is also the author of a book, Tight Lines, and a poetry/shortstory collection entitled Kelp.

Based in Cape Town, he tours home and abroad performing both solo acoustic shows and electric gigs with a 3 piece line-up.

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